Community Partners

If you have a community or tribe either on-line or off-line, for example 10K+ twitter followers, blog followers or Facebook fans and you think that they might be interested in on-demand medical services then partnering with us can be mutually beneficial.

Remember this is not a service for an add-on product or luxury – it is essential for anyone who gets sick anywhere. So lets look at the figures.

From the National Institutes of Health (NIH) figures a community of 10,000 followers on, say, a mommy blog will need approximately 100 doctor visits per day if each follow has just one child and does not use the service themselves. So conservatively if you can generate referrals by information rich blogs, health lifestyle tweets etc that creates a cash revenue stream of $15000 per month.

Physical communities like retirement complexes can generate similar levels and in both cases or referral code system ensures that you get a regular revenue stream.